Human Resource Management (HRM) is both an academic theory and a business practice. It is based on the notion that employees are firstly human, and secondly should NOT be treated as a basic business resource. HRM is also seen as an understanding of the human aspect of a company and its strategic importance. HRM is seen as moving on from a simple "personnel" approach (or was supposed to) because it is preventative of potential problems, and secondly it should be a major aspect of the company philosophy, in which all managers and employees are champions of HRM-based policies and philosophy.

8020.NL HRM Jumpstarts
To increase the return of investment and decrease development time, 8020.NL offers several ‘standard’ suites of tailor-made Domino Solutions. The best of both worlds: cost effective proven technology customized to fit your business needs.

Currently 8020.NL offers the following HRM jumpstarts:
  • 8020 Performance Management
  • 8020 Development Reviews
  • 360 Feedback Assessments
  • Employee Data
  • Sickness and Leave

  • Keywords:
  • HRM
  • Lotus Domino/Notes
  • IBM Lotus Domino Designer (Version: 8.5)
  • IBM System x (xSeries)
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Performance
  • Development
  • 360 Assessments
  • Employee Data
  • Sickness and Leave

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    Ir J. (Joep) Smeets
    + 31 (0)6 51797474

    8020 Performance Management Brochure
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    eLeave Brochure
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